Importance of trademark monitoring

Trademark monitoring is a very important work for trademark registration in the Philippines. First, a trademark applicant needs to pay the official fees of Philippine trademark application in different stages. The trademark filing fee, first publication fee, fee of trademark registration certificate issuance, second publication fee are paid separately rather than as a package paid when submitting the application materials. If such fees are not paid within the required period, your trademark will be rejected;

Second, the applicant needs to continuously file DAUs in the Philippines to maintain its trademark registration. Many applicants are not aware of such requirement or are not clear with the periods for submitting the DAU. So their trademarks in the Philippines become invalid and the cost of the previous applications are wasted.

PSIP can help you monitor the status of your trademark and the DAU submission periods. We will duly remind you of the necessary actions.

PSIP’s trademark monitoring will include the following service:

  • Monthly check of whether any identical marks to your mark in different classes are filed (except for device marks);
  • Reminder of DAU submission period including the 3rd Year DAU and 5th Year DAU;
  • Check on the trademark status of your competitors in Philippines;
  • Detailed monitoring report.

PSIP also provides package quote for Philippine trademark monitoring service and are listed as follows:

  • Package 1: Single trademark monitoring $99;
  • Package 2: 5-10 trademarks monitoring $499;
  • Package 3: 10+ trademarks monitoring $50 / piece.