Trademark Registration

We know you already had your trademark in your country, But if you want to protect your brand in Philippines, you shoud register you brand here, That’s why we are here waiting for you.

Submission of DAU

The IPOPHL requires the submission of the DAU within 3 years from the date of Application and within 1 year from the fifth year anniversary of the date of grant of protection of the trademark.

Trademark Renewal

Your trademark registration may be renewed for periods of ten years after the expiration of the original ten-year term, upon payment of the prescribed fee and upon filing of a petition for renewal of registration.

Let’s join forces in protecting your brand in
Philippines today!

We know how to do

We’ve done this a hundred times (about 2,500 times, actually), and have crafted a questionnaire to help make the trademark application process easier for you.

We look out for you

Before we submit your trademark application, we do a basic trademark search and inform you of any direct conflicts so your trademark has a better chance of succeeding.

We know where to go

Once your trademark application is done, we’ll get it into the right hands at the PHILIPPINES INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE, so all you have to do is wait for their response.